• Color: Multi 

Handmade item 

Materials: Wooden Box, Polymer Clay, Sea Shells, Clay Tile, Glass & Metal Jewelry Pieces & Beads, No-odor Polyurethane 

Made to order 

This Beachy Keen patterned, 7¾" x 6¼" x 4¼" wooden box is one of a kind. The base of the box is hand painted in white washed beach colors and lined with felt. The lid is made of individually hand crafted polymer clay tiles. Each tile is shaped, textured and decorated with beach items like sea shells, clay fish, corals, glass and metal jewelry pieces, and glass tiles. 

Beachy Keen Wooden Box - 9"

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Tags: Beachy Keen Wooden Box, Polymer Clay, Sea Shells, Beach Items, Clay Fish, Corals, Clay Tile, Glass Jewelry, Metal Jewelry Pieces, Beads, No-Odor Polyurethane, Felt, Glass Tile