• Patio Lantern - Cosmic

• Color: Various with Blues, Greens & Oranges 

 Handmade item 

 Materials: glass, polymer clay, galvanized steel wire, no-odor polyurethane 

 Made to order 

• This unique, imaginative patio lantern tea candle holder is the perfect one-of-a-kind gift. The decorative design adds a colourful flare to any patio or deck area and can be used with tea candles or faux candles (battery operated LED tea lights). Created with a millefiori polymer clay pattern, these patio lanterns are hand crafted and baked. The center of the lantern contains a matching mixed media tea candle holder that can be removed and replaced from the open bottle bottom, making it easy to light the candle. A matching table top pillar candle holder made from the bottom of the 1.5 liter wine bottle also available. 

• This cosmic pattern is a fun kaleidoscope of colors and funky patterns, wrapped in the theme colors of your choice. No two patterns will every be the same … couldn’t if we tried! This pattern can be custom made in any color combination. What are yours? 

• Glass is a cut 1.5 liter wine bottle. The inner tea candle hanger is made from galvanized steel wire. The clay covers the cut glass making it very safe to handle and hang. 

• Not intended for extreme outdoor conditions such as freezing temperatures or snow. 

Patio Lantern - Cosmic

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Tags: patio lantern, candle holders, glass, polymer clay, galvanized steel wire, no-odor polyurethane