• Wine Bottle Vase – Medium - Stained Glass Pattern


• Color: Blue, Green, Oranges 

Handmade item 

Materials: 1.5 litre Wine Bottle, Polymer Clay, No-odor Polyurethane 

Made to order 

• Wine bottle versatility! The cut edge of a 1.5 litre wine bottle is designed with a stained glass patterned polymer clay band. It’s your choice of vase height, colors and pattern (ie: stained glass / cosmic / kaleidoscope). The vases can also be edged with mixed media with themes such as Steampunk or our own themes of Ode To Britto, For Mica, Mexicali or Seascape (a separate price range). 

Wine Bottle Vase – Medium - Stained Glass Pattern

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Tags: Wine Bottle Bowl, Polymer Clay, No-Odor Polyurethane, Stained Glass Pattern, Cosmic, Clay, Kaleidoscope, Steampunk, Ode To Britto, Mica, Mexicali, Seascape