• Patio Ashtray - Small - Dragonfly with Stained Glass Pattern

• Color: Brown, Beige, Gold 

Handmade item 

Materials: Terra cotta pot & saucer, Polymer clay, No Odor Polyurethane, Glass, metal and polymer clay beads 

Made to order 

• Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – yes, it’s a terra cotta plant pot and saucer set! Flipped upside down, with a larger opening, the pot becomes an effective ashtray that eliminates friends and family from putting out their cigarettes on your patio or hiding their cigarette filters in your plants. You simply remove the dragonfly from the top (… err … bottom) of the pot and its ready for flicking ashes. The lit filter can also go into the pot, because it will automatically extinguish when you return the dragonfly When you’re ready to clean out the ashes, you turn the ashtray upside down, remove the base and empty the pot. 

• Actually one inventive woman who doesn’t smoke, purchased one as a cheese server. The terra cotta pot & saucer can be chilled in the fridge, and makes for a perfect server for cheeses, butter, fruit or other chilled munchibles on a warm day on the patio. 

• The terra cotta pot is drilled to widen the ash opening, then decorated with polymer clay, and varnished inside and out. The dragonfly (we call her Eloise), is created from glass beads and with a polymer clay stained glass pattern. This stained glass pattern is made of slices of a polymer clay pattern that gives the look of stained glass. This pattern can be custom made in any color combination. What’s yours? 

• Thanks to our friend Vikki for the brilliant idea! 

Patio Ashtray - Small - Dragonfly with Stained Glass Pattern

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