• Wooden Pencil Box


• Color: Brown, Beige, Gold 

Handmade item 

Materials: Wooden Box, Polymer Clay, Clay Tile, Glass & Metal Jewelry Pieces & Beads, No-odor Polyurethane 

Made to order 

This “For Mica” patterned, wooden pencil box is one of a kind. The base of the box is hand painted in gold and silver paint with a black undertone, then lined with felt. The lid is made of individually hand crafted polymer clay tiles. Each tile is shaped, textured and decorated a mix of glass and metal jewelry pieces, and also glass and clay tiles. The box sits on jewel decorated clay tile feet. 

Wooden Pencil Box

  • Product Code: MMWBFMPB_BrBeGo_101013
  • Stock: Sold - A similar pattern can be created
  • $41.25

Tags: Wooden Pencil Box, Polymer Clay, Clay Fish, Corals, Clay Tile, Glass Jewelry, Metal Jewelry Pieces, Beads, No-Odor Polyurethane, Felt, For Mica